49er FX World Championships

  • Posted on: 4 October 2013
  • By: Sophie Ainsworth

We had one... Our first 49er FX World Championships was quite frankly a bit of a disaster! We are quite disappointed with how the event went but there are a few potential explanations, we've learnt some invaluable lessons and we've got some serious fire in our bellies. It was an eventful week but we thought we would share our highlights with you.

Charlotte's highlight: When Sophie climbed onto the Italian's boat to try and prevent them writing three 49ers off in one incident. Vanessa Daytona (the boat) comes first...

Sophie's highlight: In the same incident, when all 3 boats had capsized, Charlotte asking the team who had caused the carnage what their names were because we couldn't see their sail to protest them.

Now to crack on with winter training, our next event is in January, we hope we can report back with a different turn of events then.